Welcome to Freedom Station I

Transitional Housing

Freedom Stations I, II & III
The transition from military service to civilian life is one of the toughest battles that Warriors face – especially while coping with both visible and invisible injuries.

Freedom Station I and Freedom Station II are the first transitional housing residences of their kind in the San Diego region, providing service members with a place to heal and prepare for the next chapter. Move-in ready cottages shift Warriors from barracks to independent living, central spaces provide crucial camaraderie during the transition, and qualified professionals offer guidance on new careers paths, college enrollment and more.

Both properties are near Naval Medical Center San Diego, one of the nation’s largest military hospitals. Residents pay reduced rent and learn financial responsibility. Over 100 Warriors have resided at the Freedom Stations and are success stories ensuring a bright future for our Warriors as they transition to civilan life.

Today, the need for transitional housing for Warriors remains. It is because of that continued need to support for our ill and injured Warriors that we continue to seek a new Freedom Station location.

The future Freedom Station III will be located just a few miles away from the Naval Medical Center and will provide more unique cottages for ill and injured Warriors to transition into new life of independence.

These unique Freedom Stations provide a home for our Warriors, but it also provides an occasion for the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, and its donors, with the opportunity to provide a – “Hand up, not a Handout.”


Outdoor Therapy – Fishing off the coast of San Diego

Wellness Programs

Mentorship Programs
Through our Mentorship Program, we sponsor training courses and mentorship partnerships that pair Warriors with professionals who provide career, financial, self-sufficiency, leadership and life-skills counseling as they transition into civilian life.

Outdoor Therapy
The foundation sponsors and leads group physical activity programs that promote fitness, mental health and cultivates camaraderie through group activities that take place in San Diego and throughout the country. Outdoor Therapy programs include: cycling, hiking, golfing, surfing, paddle boarding and fishing.

PTSD | TBI Support
The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station provides guidance, referrals, emotional and financial support for Warriors seeking medical treatments and therapy from the top medical and mental health professionals in the region.

Cancer Support
Each month the foundation hosts a luncheon in the San Diego area with Cancer Warriors and caregivers to foster and promote fellowship, create a peer-to-peer network, and provide comfort and counsel for Warriors and their families working through treatment or recovery.

Personal Support Programs for our Warriors

Personal Support

Dress for Success
To spark a successful career launch, The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station provides transitioning Warriors with certified expert career advice, resume writing guidelines and interview tips, along with fresh suits and business attire for male and female Warriors to assist with transitioning into new professions.

Adaptive Equipment | “Quality of Life Items”
Our goal at Warrior Foundation Freedom Station is to provide adaptive equipment, personal items and support that improves the “Quality of Life” for our ill and injured Warriors by providing:

· Ultra-light wheelchairs

· Modified combat boots with built-in zippers to accommodate prosthetic limbs

· Special hiking boots for Warriors with lower leg injuries and IDEO braces

· Comfort items and meals for those in the hospital and in the active-duty recovery barracks

· iPads with specialized applications for those with post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Family Support
As part of our support system, while an ill or injured Warrior is recovering in the hospital or at a Freedom Station in San Diego, The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station provides Warriors with the comfort of traveling “Home for the Holidays” or flights for family of Warriors who are not able to travel.

Wolfpack Basketball Team

Ambassador Program

“Educate. Inspire. Motivate.”

Warrior Ambassadors
Warrior Foundation Freedom Station created the Ambassador Program, a group of Warrior Foundation Alumni, who strive to “Educate, Inspire and Motivate” their audience by sharing their success stories through athletic endeavors, public appearances, motivational speeches and media interviews.

Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball
The San Diego Wolfpack is a championship-winning adaptive sports team supported by the Warrior Foundation. The military focused wheelchair basketball team competes across the U.S. and fields a roster of active duty, veteran and civilian players.


Athlete Sponsorship
At the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, we believe that physical activity, camaraderie, competition and representing a team or your country, helps the mind, body and soul and generates an internal sense of purpose and meaning in a Warriors’ life. It is because of that fundamental philosophy that we feel it is important to sponsor and support athletic endeavors in the following ways:

Paralympic Sponsorship:
Warrior Foundation Alumni travel the world demonstrating grit, determination and athleticism and help “Educate, Inspire and Motivate” Warriors, Volunteers and Supporters. Our Warrior Foundation Freedom Station athletes include:

· Mike Spivey – USA National Paralympic Snowboard & Surfing
· Josue Barron – USA National Paralympic Cycling
· Jorge Salazar – USA National Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Team
· Ray Hennagir – USA National Paralympic Rugby (Sliver Metal)
· Anthony Pone – USA National Paralympic Track & Field (Shotput) & Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball
· Eric Rodriquez – Team USA Camps
· Matt Grashen – Team USA Camps

Cycling Team:
The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Cycling Team is an adaptive sports program that provides a therapeutic outlet and the all-important camaraderie that Warriors experience in the military. The Warrior Foundation Cycling Team comprises representatives from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps and competes in numerous events throughout the year.

Warrior Foundation Podcast / Videocast
The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station posts 15-minute Podcasts (audio platforms) and Videocast (YouTube) that expands the reach and positive impact on Transitioning Warriors by “Educating, Inspiring and Motivating” on subjects that matter in their lives. Podcast subjects include:

Mentorship / Leadership:
Provide financial, self-sufficiency, career planning, leadership, mentorships and life-skills content and information post military career.

WFFS Success Stories:
Illustrate and motivate Warriors through success stories, testimonials and positive steps that have helped other Transitioning Warriors.

Military Life Focus:
Interviews with veterans and military leaders of all branches of services, celebration of Military Holidays and stories of honor, etc.

Wellness | PST & TBI | Medical Retirement Navigation:
PTS and TBI symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, how to navigate and understand disability benefits, tips and advice, etc.