Building Freedom Station III

Opens Late 2023

GOAL: $5,000,000


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Freedom Station III Plan

Warrior Foundation Freedom Station announced the purchase of Freedom Station III, the foundation’s third transitional housing property in San Diego to support ill and injured Warriors transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station purchased the property for $5M in August of 2022 and will invest another $2.5M in renovations and improvements to retrofit 12 cottages and apartments. The foundation plans to complete the project and place 12 Warrior Residents in the brand-new Freedom Station III transitional housing in December of 2023.

Warrior Foundation Freedom Station’s mission is to act as the leading force in assisting, honoring and supporting the military men and women who have so bravely served and sacrificed for our country. The foundation is committed to providing Warriors with quality-of-life items, support services and transitional housing designed to assist them and their families during recovery.

In 2011, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station pioneered a new approach and opened Freedom Station I – a unique transitional housing residence that provides injured Warriors with the acclimation time, guidance and resources to successfully make the transition from military service to civilian life.

Freedom Stations are specifically designed to craft a sense of community and promote recovery, while at the same time, cultivate independence and a passion for the future. The community features individual cottages or apartments (400-600 sq. ft.) with select units customized with ADA friendly appliances, showers and entrance ways for disabled Warriors. In addition, each complex features a central courtyard with a BBQ and gathering area to encourage a sense of community and camaraderie that is essential to the Warrior’s recovery.

More than $2.5M in funds/donations will be required for improvements on 12 cottages / units with ADA friendly build-outs, gate and property entrances, gym, laundry facilities, BBQ and “Defenders Deck” courtyard and communal gathering area to complete the Freedom Station III project. A projected Grand Opening is scheduled to take place in December of 2023.


Gate Main Entrance

 Freedom Station III Main Gate

Medallion Wall

The Entrance to Freedom Station III is designed to resemble the bow of a Naval ship commemorate the Navy presence in San Diego and eagles landing to represent all the Armed Forces we serve in this community.

Defenders Deck

“Defenders Deck” at Freedom Station III – a communal space for Warriors to come together talk, relax and enjoy themselves with their peers.

Side Elevation

This side view shows the Defender’s Deck with the Medallion Wall, flag pole and outdoor kitchen communal area.

Donor Wall

The Donor Wall honors our major sponsors who have donated $5,000 with an engraved tile featuring their name or company logo and name.

Warrior Cottage

Move-in Ready

In 2011, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station pioneered a new concept designed to address the needs of transitioning Warriors. When Freedom Station I opened its doors, it became the first transitional housing residence of its kind in the San Diego region – a place for healing, personal growth and preparation for the new opportunities that await in civilian life.

New Cottages

Each of the charming cottages and apartments is fully furnished, move-in ready and stocked with basic household necessities. The idea was to shift Warriors from a “barracks mentality” to independent living. The central courtyard and interconnected spaces offered Warriors the sense of camaraderie that is so crucial during the transition period. They recover among their peers, share war stories, and know they are supported by others experiencing the same transition.

Two-Story Apartments

During this critical time, Warriors face many decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. They need help choosing a new career, enrolling in college or vocational schools, and learning how to manage personal finances – all while continuing to undergo medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Cottage Interior

More than 100 ill or injured warriors have lived at Freedom Station and validated the concept of a transitional environment for servicemen and women as they return to life outside the military.

These “graduates” and success stories have gone on to enroll in college and vocational schools, establish fulfilling new careers, secure long-term independent housing, start families of their own, and manage continuing care for their injuries.

Cottage Kitchen/ Furniture/ Appliances

Freedom Station has proven that the existence of a supportive transitional environment truly makes the difference for ill and injured warriors as they begin a new journey outside the service.



Each of the Freedom Station are beautifully landscaped to create a sense of serenity and environment of nature and community.

Gym & Laundry Room

Freedom Station III will feature a gym for residents to workout to help build their physical and mental strength, reduce stress and create another area for comradery.

Roof Replacement

From the ground up, Freedom Station III will be retrofitted to provide our Warriors the environment, the amenities and the sound structures they deserve — including a solid roof over their head.

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