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The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station in San Diego

WFFS logo of an active duty United State Marine in dress blues performing a salute The last day of military service is unspeakably difficult for men and women of every rank and branch. This difficulty is seriously compounded when a Soldier, Sailor or Marine is discharged as the result of a life-altering injury. Led by our founder and president Ms. Sandy Lehmkuhler, the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station in San Diego is dedicated to providing these warriors with the crucial services and unwavering support they and their families need during their transition from military to civilian life.

As a non-profit veterans support organization serving a city with such a diverse military presence, The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station in San Diego realized housing and rehabilitative services were the missing links to helping ill, injured, medically retired and active duty service people successfully prepare for civilian life. While they may no longer be in dangerous war zones, many injured servicemen and women face equally dangerous challenges upon their return stateside.

After all, many troops who are injured in combat return home with PTSD, spinal cord injuries, amputations, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), burns and blindness. These warriors find themselves not only coping with such injuries, but also facing medical retirement and an uncertain new life outside of the Armed Forces.


Freedom Station: Injured Military Veterans Services

the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station veterans housing complex in San Diego CaliforniaIn May of 2011, we delivered what our warriors both need and deserve: Freedom Station recovery transition center. Our vision for Freedom Station was to provide injured and medically retired military veterans services that proactively combat the many serious challenges our warriors face everyday. Freedom Station fills the local void for a transitional environment injured servicemen and women often lack as they return to life outside of military structure. 

This includes our close proximity to the Naval Medical Center where our warriors can receive their ongoing medical care, as well as on-site trained professionals and volunteers who provide invaluable social service guidance and mentoring. The individualized military veterans services we offer at Freedom Station allow us to help acclimate our warriors to civilian life, while also serving as a “training ground” for challenges ranging from choosing new careers and college entry to monthly budgeting skills, home buying and much more. To learn more about Freedom Station in San Diego, please click here….


Non-Profit Veterans Support Organization

welcoming a disabled warrior and his daughter homeAs a non-profit veterans support organization, we provide unwavering support for our warriors on their journeys of recovery and rehabilitation. Our success rate is due to the warriors we have the great privilege to assist. They prove a supportive, transitional environment makes all the difference for military men and women on their roads to living productive, healthy, self-sufficient and well-adjusted civilian lives.

We are proud of the success of Freedom Station as a model any non-profit veterans support organization can follow. However, we are by far the most proud of each and every warrior who has overcome so many obstacles to be well on his or her way to living a full and productive life.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit veterans support organization, we rely on your support to continue to meet the needs of those we serve. To learn more about how you can help provide tax deductible support please click the button below, or contact us directly with any questions you might have.

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