Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station

Since being formed in 2004 the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station has taken on a life of its own.  The support from our community has been beyond our wildest expectations and has brought to us many wonderful supporters and volunteers.  We offer a very direct avenue for patriotic citizens to help assist those who are fighting the war against terrorism.  We have FOUR GROUPS of Warriors which the Foundation will, with your generous support, be able to continue helping.   Our

First Group is the S.I.’s or Seriously Injured who come home from Iraq or Afghanistan via Germany with immediate needs, both medical and emotional.  We fly in family members and provide them with accommodations, transportation, and anything else that will enable them to just concentrate on helping their Warrior with his or her recovery.  

The Second Group of Warriors have suffered from exposure to IED blasts, some even from as many as seven different explosions.  The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station has been able to provide IPads, Nexus7’s, noise machines, service dogs, voice recorders, lap tops -anything that helps with their short term memory loss.  

Those in our Third Group have been going through physical and/or occupational therapy for 2 to 4 years or longer.  These are the Warriors whom we have been able to help in numerous ways.  Through the help and generosity of our patriotic contributors and volunteers, we have been able to provide a kitchen and computer café, as well as a other quality of life items at Naval Medical Center San Diego.  The most important thing we have been able to do for our warriors for the past 8 years has been to place a round trip ticket into each and every one of our warriors’ hands so that they could wake up in their own state, in their own bed, with their own family on Christmas morning.

  Finally, our Fourth group are those warriors who have been medically retired and remain in our community.  We want to keep these great citizens in the San Diego area where we can continue to help them as they transition back into civilian life.  In working with these Warriors, they have told us that what they need and want is a place called Freedom Station – a support center to assist with the transition back into civilian life-which had its grand opening on May 27th,  2011