Mentorship Programs
Through our Mentorship Program, we sponsor training courses and mentorship partnerships that pair Warriors with professionals who provide career, financial, self-sufficiency, leadership and life-skills counseling as they transition into civilian life.


Outdoor Therapy
The foundation sponsors and leads group physical activity programs that promote fitness, mental health and cultivates camaraderie through group activities that take place in San Diego and throughout the country. Outdoor Therapy programs include: cycling, hiking, golfing, surfing, paddle boarding and fishing.

PTSD | TBI Support
The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station provides guidance, referrals, emotional and financial support for Warriors seeking medical treatments and therapy from the top medical and mental health professionals in the region.

Cancer Support
Each month the foundation hosts a luncheon in the San Diego area with Cancer Warriors and caregivers to foster and promote fellowship, create a peer-to-peer network, and provide comfort and counsel for Warriors and their families working through treatment or recovery.