18-Month Housing Program

In 2023, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station launched an innovative and specifically designed 18-month (case-by-case) Transitional Housing Program that guides and supports residents who are medically retiring service members.

Freedom Stations provide subsidized donor funded affordable housing at one of three transitional housing complexes. We have qualified professionals to offer hands-on guidance on new career paths, colleges, trades, financial counseling, wellness, and mentorship programs.

Additionally, we offer a voucher program where Warriors take personal ownership of their future by developing skills, strategies, and goals that will assist them in creating a detailed transition plan – while at the same time, provide an opportunity to monetarily reduce their rent.

The Transitional Housing Program is divided into five phases:

(1) Assimilate

(2) Identify
(3) Develop

(4) Execute

(5) Graduate

Each phase promotes setting short term attainable goals. Warrior’s meet quarterly with staff who provide personal guidance and appropriate resources.

As part of professional development, each Warrior will select one of five Transition Tracks and be supported by experienced professionals during the 18-month period:

(1) Employment

(2) Education

(3) Vocational

(4) Entrepreneurial

(5) adjusting to new normal (medically driven).

Our Warriors are provided with fully furnished cottages with common spaces that promote peer to peer support that is crucial to long term success as they transition to civilian life. Monthly gatherings further foster a sense of community among those facing similar challenges.