Swingin’ With a Soldier

Sept. 22, 2023 - 6:30 am Registration

Carlton Oaks Country Club - 9200 Inwood Dr., Santee

When it started – Swingin with a Soldier started in 2018. We met the warriors at a car show in 2017 and their mission was absolutely something we wanted to be a part of! As an American, to know the help that was needed here on this mission, our team had to do something! Our team came up with this golf tournament as a way to help and have fun with the men and women going through their transition to being a civilian! Our hope is to be able to a positive force in these soldiers world to look forward to every year and to include business and people also who care! Due to COVID forcing us to stop for a couple of years (2020 & 2021), 2022 we restarted and we are back now with our 4th annual Swingin with Sellstate in 2023! Our event consists of an 18 hole round of golf (our party on the course), an after party (raffle prizes, tournament prizes) and feast….Carlton Oaks Country Club also has an evening of live music and sunset, following our tournament.

What is our target – Anyone who is willing to contribute towards their country and the freedom we love as Americans.

Other Special Information – Watching this event grow and the relationships that have been created over the years by a simple golf event is just so beautiful! Any sunshine we can provide in the day to our warriors, we are blessed to be able to do so! One thing we absolutely promise, you will leave the event with a smile and a heart full from laughter and fun on the greens and at our after party!!! We have a goal this year to be able to provide the flag pole for campus #3 now in construction, we look forward to you being a part of this mission with us through a day of fun and giving back!

VISIT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.swinginwithsellstate.com/