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Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball in San Diego

21st Annual D1 Tourney Schedule (pdf)

Wolfpack wins the D2 Finals against LA Hot Wheels. Congratulations to both teams. Congratulations to all teams that converged on San Diego from around the nation to compete in the Brad Rich Wheelchair Basketball Invitational. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors that helped make this tournament a huge success.


The San Diego Wolfpack is the only wheelchair basketball team in the United States that is made up of active duty and veteran service members who have sustained an amputation, spinal cord injury or other orthopedic or neurological disorder. Members from all service branches are included on the team roster. Currently we have 12 active duty and veteran players from the Army, Marine Corps and Navy involved in our program.

Wolfpack Basketball Promo from Alegria Media on Vimeo.

Redeploying home for injured service members can be challenging, and many of them face readjustment issues such as marital difficulties, alcohol or substance abuse problems, medical problems, inability to maintain employment and behavioral difficulties such as depression, isolation or anxiety. Readjusting to community living is even more challenging for veterans who sustain deployment related injuries because it may be complicated by the co-occurrence of physical injuries and postwar adjustment difficulties such as PTSD which affect the service member and their family’s quality of life.

Eric Rodriguez #24: Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball Player Highlight from Alegria Media on Vimeo.

Naval Medical Center San Diego’s’ Health and Wellness Departments’ Wounded, Ill and Injured Wellness Division (WII Wellness) is a therapeutic program designed to restore injured service member’s level of function and independence in life activities outside the hospital walls. Structured sports clinics help to reduce or eliminate the limitations to participation in activities of daily life caused by disabling condition. More importantly, involvement in ongoing sports promotes camaraderie amongst team members while at the same times helps to reduce anxiety, isolation and depression relating to sustaining a life changing injury.

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