Naming Rights

Thank you for your consideration to become a partner in sponsorship for Freedom Station III.

Founders Donor Wall

As one of our original founders who helped build Freedom Station III, you will be honored with an engraved stone tile featuring your business name, your name or a loved one’s name on our Founder’s Donor Wall.

There are four levels of sponsorship available:

· Freedom – $50,000

· Protectors – $25,000

· Patriots – $10,000

· Defenders – $5,000


Cottage Name Rights

You can welcome a Warrior home to your cottage by becoming one of twelve sponsors, for a 3-year term, for $125,000. Get your name or business listed on the exterior of the entrance to the cottage and as on the main headliner on the Donor’s Wall.

We have the following opportunities available:

· 12 cottages / apartments – $125,000 each

BBQ / Resident Outdoor Kitchen

BBQ / Resident Outdoor Kitchen

The Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ area creates the perfect gathering space for our Warriors to enjoy food, fun, and fellowship; offered at $56,000.

SOLD: Riverstone – $56,000

Engraved Brick

Memorialize your name, or perhaps that of a loved one, on a brick in the stones surrounding the Freedom Station III Flag Pole. Located in the epicenter and heart of the complex, your name will be seen daily by the men and women who you support.

Two Sizes offered:

· Small – $750 (6″ x 6″)

· Large- $1,000 (8″ x 8″)

Warrior Gym

Our Warriors love lifting weights! Consider sponsoring our gym at a cost of $100,000. We have two large pieces of equipment currently donated. However, there is still need for flooring, free weights, mirrors, bench/squat racks cardio equipment and more!

Sponsor Opportunities:

· Sold – partial $25,000

· Sponsorship – $75,000

Warrior Laundry

Our Warriors need clean clothes, and we are building an onsite laundry facility.

Sponsor Opportunities:

· Sponsorship – $25,000


We are looking for a partner to help cover the extensive Landscape renovations.

Sponsor Opportunities:

· Sponsorship – $178,000.

Freedom Station III – Main Gate

Our Warriors love a secure border. Please consider sponsoring gates and security systems Freedom Station III.

Sponsor Opportunities:

· Sponsorship – $80,000.

Roof Replacement

We need to replace the roofs at a cost of $100,000.

Sponsor Opportunities:

· Sponsorship – $100,000.


Thank you for your interest in Naming Rights for the
Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. Please contact:


CEO and Founder
Warrior Foundation Freedom Station


Warrior Foundation Freedom Station

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