“Educate. Inspire. Motivate.”

Warrior Ambassadors
Warrior Foundation Freedom Station created the Ambassador Program, a group of Warrior Foundation Alumni, who strive to “Educate, Inspire and Motivate” their audience by sharing their success stories through athletic endeavors, public appearances, motivational speeches and media interviews.


Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball
The San Diego Wolfpack is a championship-winning adaptive sports team supported by the Warrior Foundation. The military focused wheelchair basketball team competes across the U.S. and fields a roster of active duty, veteran and civilian players.



Athlete Sponsorship
At the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, we believe that physical activity, camaraderie, competition and representing a team or your country, helps the mind, body and soul and generates an internal sense of purpose and meaning in a Warriors’ life. It is because of that fundamental philosophy that we feel it is important to sponsor and support athletic endeavors in the following ways:


Paralympic Sponsorship:
Warrior Foundation Alumni travel the world demonstrating grit, determination and athleticism and help “Educate, Inspire and Motivate” Warriors, Volunteers and Supporters. Our Warrior Foundation Freedom Station athletes include:

  • Mike Spivey – USA National Paralympic Snowboard & Surfing
  • Josue Barron – USA National Paralympic Cycling
  • Jorge Salazar – USA National Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Team
  • Ray Hennagir – USA National Paralympic Rugby (Sliver Metal)
  • Anthony Pone – USA National Paralympic Track & Field (Shotput) & Wolfpack Wheelchair Basketball
  • Eric Rodriquez – Team USA Camps
  • Matt Grashen – Team USA Camps

Cycling Team:
The Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Cycling Team is an adaptive sports program that provides a therapeutic outlet and the all-important camaraderie that Warriors experience in the military. The Warrior Foundation Cycling Team comprises representatives from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps and competes in numerous events throughout the year.