Instructions for Active & Retired Military Personnel

Thank you for electing to use the allotment method for your charitable contribution to the U. S. Naval Academy Academy & Foundation. The Foundation works closely with Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to assure accurate and secure transactions.

DFAS Allotment Form 2558 (PDF File)

Please follow instructions below as you complete the DFAS form:

  • Complete with your personal information.Box 1 – 6:
  • Box 7: Enter year YYYY and month MM in which you want the allotment to start.
  • Box 8: Enter amount of monthly allotment.
  • Box 9: Write in: Warrior Foundation ~ Freedom Station
  • Box 10: Check “Start.”
  • Box 11: Leave blank. Allotments occur monthly until you complete a new form to stop the deduction or until you call DFAS directly to discontinue.
  • Box 12: Leave blank.
  • Box 13: Check “D” for discretionary allotments.
  • Box 14: Write in Foundation address: Warrior Foundation ~ Freedom Station 1223 1/2 28th Street Apt. A, San Diego, CA 92102
  • Box 15: Leave blank
  • Box 16: Write in the specific designation of your gift. Examples: Warrior Foundation ~ Freedom Station
  • Box 17:
    • Active duty Navy: write in S960491.
    • Active duty Marine; write 415 
    • Retired Navy: write in O36.
    • All others leave blank 
  • Box 18 – 20: Leave blank
  • Box 21 – 22: Sign and date after reading the “Statement of Understanding.”

Next steps:

1. Please send the completed form to the USNA Foundation at the following address:

  • USNAF Gift Processing, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402-1254

2. The Foundation will then forward your form to DFAS for processing.

Questions? Please contact Gift Processing, USNAF 410-295-4115 or 410-295-4116.

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