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The Warriors We Serve

Only 6 more shopping days remain to find the perfect Father's Day gift! Remember, when you shop online at, AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. It's a great way to celebrate dad while supporting a variety of programs for ill and injured troops, including transitional housing, adaptive sports, outdoor therapy, and much more.

Outdoor Therapy. Good for the soul. Thanks to our friends at The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation and One More Wave for joining us helping us get this going.

Father's Day is coming up on June 20th! When you shop for gifts at, AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, at no cost to you. Recognize the special man in your life while helping the ill and injured warriors we serve!

A memory filled day. The focus of the day was on all those who gave their all. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Bruce Denum creators of San Diego Bay Adventures and iheart Radio’s own Mike Slater the warriors from Warrior Foundation Freedom Station had a special day remembering their brothers that did not come home. Today Included a special ceremony in the bay along side the USS Midway and a special missing man formation provided by a WWll flying team. We are forever grateful.

Today is Memorial Day, a day where the entire nation unites to honor and appreciate those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Colonel Greg Martin, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) and President of Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, shared his reflections on this special remembrance of our nation’s fallen service members. Greg says, “Memorial Day is experienced a bit differently for the warrior community than by most other Americans. For us, it is a sacred occasion. Most of us feel that the men and women who did not make it home were the best of us. Losing them impacts generations. Some of us grieve very privately and struggle to process why it was them, not us, and wonder how we could have done more, how we could have served better. We sometimes dread public celebrations. However, we are grateful that our nation observes our fallen brothers, sisters, fathers, and grandfathers. We consider those who support us closely as part of our warrior community. Please join us as we honor the lives and memories of the extraordinary men and women who gave it all doing everything our nation asked of them and making sacrifices that most could never dream of. ”

It has been our honor to recognize and express gratitude to so many great Americans during National Military Appreciation Month, from our nation's troops to the dedicated volunteers who selflessly donate time and energy to helping our ill and injured service members. Meet our lovely and talented trio of volunteer coordinators: Lacy Cano, Sandra Baldwin and Carol Ann Palmer. These powerhouse women are vital to our foundation and do so much for our military heroes. Below, they shared their personal experiences of volunteering with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. LACY CANO: “Getting to volunteer with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station for the last nine years, and eventually becoming one of its volunteer coordinators, has been such an honor. This organization is so close to my heart, and there are no words to describe the difference it has made in so many warriors’ lives. When I first discovered Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, I wanted to give back to those who were sacrificing so much for my freedoms. I didn’t have much to offer monetarily so I decided to give my time instead. Little did I know it would have such an impact on my life. I love going to events, meeting supporters and donors, and hearing about their own experiences in the military, or stories of their loved ones, and how much it means to them to be able to help our warriors. There are so many good people in this country that want to help in any way they can, big or small, and volunteering has given me the chance to see that. I am so lucky to get to play a small part in giving back to those that gave so much.” SANDRA BALDWIN: “When I was stationed at my first command, we would deploy Marines to Iraq and Afghanistan. I wanted to go, but being in the Navy they wouldn’t send me. I always made sure I was there at homecomings to welcome them back to normal life again. Little did I know that for some of them, they were not returning to ‘normal life.’ It was laid on my heart that my job would one day be serving the military, but in a different way. When I first found Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, I was broken down in life too. As much as volunteering and serving those who have served with me, the foundation has brought joy and peace into my life. I serve them because they served alongside me. We might not wear the same uniform but we are all brothers and sisters. I didn’t know Warrior Foundation Freedom Station would become a huge part of my life four years ago; I just wanted to donate Girl Scout cookies, but the foundation now has a huge place in my heart. Being a volunteer coordinator is an amazing opportunity to connect people with this nonprofit. Seeing the volunteers leave every event with joy, pride and a love for the foundation makes my heart burst open. It will be great to see the community come together again to give those who serve a place to call home when they complete their military service. The impact Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has on those they serve is the best I have seen, and I am proud to be a volunteer coordinator!! I can’t wait to get home from deployment to see where this summer goes. I am ready to enjoy some good events and see all my friends at Warrior Foundation Freedom Station!” CAROL ANN PALMER: “I am honored to be a part of Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. I currently serve as one of three volunteer coordinators. Meeting and greeting our volunteers at our different events has been my pleasure for the past several years. The foundation vows to assist, honor, and support the warriors who have so bravely served and made sacrifices for our country. I look forward to helping our warriors in the future.”

Today, Warrior Foundation Freedom Station proudly salutes Senior Chief Petty Officer Brandon Berry of the United States Navy during our month-long celebration of National Military Appreciation Month! Brandon follows a proud family tradition of military service and shares how this experience has impacted his life over the past two decades. “I joined the United States Navy in August of 2000. A third-generation sailor, I chose to enlist and serve my country like my father and grandfather. My intention was to serve a four-year term, then enroll in college, but life had other plans for me. As a Navy sailor, the intense training, impactful education and worldwide travel have molded and shaped me into the man I am today. While that has not come without serious sacrifice, I am grateful for my current 21 years of service to my country. Service, to me, is not just about putting others before oneself. It’s about joining an organization that shares those same values. Whether positive or negative, my experiences as a service member have all been memorable. I am grateful for the moments in my life, whether it be underwater training, combat medicine or foreign travel, that would not have been possible without my commitment to the Navy. One moment, in particular, is when I was a part of the team that salvaged the USS Guardian after it ran aground on the Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines. That moment, along with so many others, is something I will look back on proudly. While I pride myself on the skills learned and leadership roles given to me, I know that the most meaningful thing about being in the military is the people I share my life with. Had I not joined the Navy, I would have never met my wife who has been on this journey with me for almost 20 years. When I retire, my time in the military will, no doubt, be instrumental in the shaping of the rest of my life. What matters most to me though, is that my wife and kids are with me on whatever path we take next.” **The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.**

Our celebration of National Military Appreciation Month continues! Many extraordinary individuals work behind the scenes to ensure that our nation's ill and injured service members are taken care of. Meet Tom Janecek, a longtime Warrior Foundation Freedom Station board member who also holds the vital role of treasurer. Tom shares his personal feelings on why he appreciates the military and how meaningful it’s been to give back to our troops through his volunteer service. Tom says, “Our country’s military warriors give so much and make incredible sacrifices in many ways. Whether it’s past generations or today, our military men and women ask for so little in return - unfortunately, that’s what they often receive. Fortunately, there are ways we can recognize those contributions and say thank you. I’ve been fortunate to live in San Diego, where military appreciation is part of our fabric. I try to be active in my personal show of appreciation, whether it’s hosting young Marines at our house every Thanksgiving or supporting those who have served through organizations I am active in. My involvement with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station has taken my appreciation for those who have served our country to a higher level. I have seen firsthand how this organization and our amazing volunteers can positively change the lives of military men and women who are facing difficult challenges. It’s rewarding to see both the short and long-term positive impacts that our programs can have on these individuals. Whether it be the competitive thrill of being a part of our Wolfpack basketball team or cycling programs, sending our warriors home for Christmas, the comfort and support received while living at one of our Freedom Station transitional housing residences, or targeted therapy addressing post-traumatic stress and more, WFFS is there to support our warriors as they transition from the military to civilian life. There is a sense of fulfillment and pride in seeing such positive outcomes from our efforts. It’s an honor to be a part of this organization.”

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